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  • Appearances
    Spiderman artist and inker Randy Emberlin will be making a number of appearances at Comic Cons this year
  • Galleries
    Spiderman artist Randy Emberlin is happy to ink your amateur pencils to give you the feel of what professional inking can do for your artwork!
  • ConceptArt
    Spiderman artist Randy Emberlin is available for character design, concept art, illustrations, storyboards, animation projects and more.
  • Animation
    Some of Randy’s past animation projects. Style designs, hand-inks, inbetweening, computer animatics.
  • Biography
    Bio for Randy Emberlin, Spiderman Artist, Inker, Animator and Illustrator.
  • Contact
    You can contact Randy by either Phone or Email
  • Resources
    Links to some of Randy’s friends and associates
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